Waarom de afleveringen van de Stoïcijnse gedachte podcast even uit blijven…

De afgelopen tijd kom ik niet toe aan het opnemen van de podcast, of aan het schrijven van de meditaties. Dat is de simpele reden. Ik ben kortgeleden aan een nieuwe baan begonnen en tegelijk is Kimberly begonnen aan haar winterseizoen, hierdoor is het super druk geweest.

Daarom heb ik voor mezelf gekozen en besloten om de podcast een tijdje niet meer op te nemen. In Januari begin ik met een nieuw format van Stoïcijnse meditaties. Ik ben nog even aan het kijken hoe en of ik dit ga opnemen.

Als ik besluit om dat te doen, dan krijgen jullie dagelijks weer nieuwe afleveringen. Daar kom ik nog op terug.

The first 100 meters

The first weekend of April 2018 Kimberly ran her first 100 and 200 meter race, which was her first competitive race. The week before she ran a test race in Vught which went more than fine. She put a 12:05 on the board for the 80 meter and 22:89 on the 150 meter number. Apparently a pretty decent time for someone that is just at the start of her career.

This Saturday however, she was much more tense. Nothing unexpected because this was a real race in which she would face off against over para athletes. From the moment she woke up she was stressed, obnoxious and emotional. Which was kind of a pain for me, but on our way to Breda we managed to diffuse the tension a bit.

During Kimberly’s warm-up it became apparent that she was a bit nervous, since she wanted to start the race at the wrong side of the track. After we had a good laugh about that and diffused the tension is created, it was Kimberly’s turn to give it her all.

14:75 – The first 100 meters are done

Kim put down a time of 14:75 and was the fastest woman on the track. Despite a horrible start she managed to pull ahead quite quickly. I am no expert, but it looked like she was able to do this because the rest of her technique was solid. Kim’s head coach, Arno, emphasized the use of her arms as a point of improvement.

The next race will be in a few minutes. For these 200 meters Arno will coach her during the start, hopefully this start will be a lot better.

Something else we learned on the 100 meter was that Kim needs to know how to set up her starting block by heart. At the moment it’s an obstacle in in Kimberly’s mind. The pre-start should just be: measure up the distance to the line, ram the block into the ground and start the race!

This won’t help Kimberly for the next race, starting in thirty minutes. What I am not liking about this race is that I won’t be able to see the start, because it’s on the other side of the track. Oh well, no use fussing about it because there is nothing to do about it. Kimberly’s warming-up was something else, this time she wanted to run around the track clockwise (the wrong way) so her good leg would be on the inside of the track. But that is not the way it works, miss Alkemade!

31:45 – And that was the first 200 meters.

The start was a lot better this time around. Before the race I did a simple linear calculation on what Kimberly potentially could run if she would continue on her 150 meter pace. But something a man said earlier this morning bothered me before and it’s exactly what happened during the race. He told us that 150 meters is usually a ‘breaking point’ in the body’s energy systems. You can see this happen during races at nearly any level. You will often see some runners get faster and other just fall back. This is what I saw happen to Kimberly during this last race. Shortly after the corner she seemed to fall back and her opponent, Cheyenne, seemed to catch up. Very interesting to see.

These were the races, I’m just going to be a coat hanger for a bit

Because that’s what I am really there for. I don’t really cheer Kimberly on. I am way too scared that I will pull her out of her concentration. Especially when I’m shouting like a madman on the side of the track. Nope, I’m here to help Kim and get the obstacles out of the way so she can be as fast as she can be.

If you have any questions about my (or Kimberly’s) journey or want to know more, let me know in the comments!

A new Year, a new #helloWorld

So today started 2018. Just as good a day as any redo your personal blog. My old one,, was a bit of a mess. Mostly because I never had a real use for it. Since I do not want to deal with the hassle of rebuilding that website from scratch and since I think a .com matches better to my ambitions. I decided to redo it.

My blog is still going to be in Dutch and English, but the posts will mostly start out in English. What I will be blogging about will be anything related to my personal development on any topic. Like any real person I’m not one-dimensional, I am not a professional AdWords consultant 24/7, 365 days a year. I am not a snowboarder, volleyballer, gamer, learning expert or loving partner all the time. But I am all these things and more.

Don’t worry, I will try and keep my stories consistent or at least labeled. This blog is first and formost for myself. I want this blog to be a open record on my personal development, writing and story telling. Secondary I want to inspire and motivate you to do new things. Because next to eating well and moving with intent, I believe human have a fundamental need to learn to stay healthy.

Humans need challenge, and learning is one of the biggest challenges we keep facing during our lifetimes. For example, when I was 27 I was fat, lazy and stuck in my life. And then I learned to snowboard. My first all new skill in years which was very much outside of my comfort zone. But that new skill motivated me to start losing weight, get a new job and end my 4 year relationship which was on a dead end. If you want to know that story in more detail, you can do so here.

To get back to the value for you. I’m convinced that doing new things regularly will change your life for the better and I hope my stories about the new shit I do, will help you to take the leap of faith with more ease.

Like I said, I would love to read your questions or remarks in the comments below this post. And if my belief resonates with you I would be very grateful if you would share this (or any other post) with your friends, through any medium.